Get real support and answers to restore your health

If you want to have answers to why your symptoms are happening and real support for long term results, with a natural, respectful and efficient approach, you are at the right place.

Let me guess...

Believe me, you are not alone.

I have been there and every day I meet people who experience the same.
Restoring faith in your body, understand it, and taking care of itis the greatest gift that you can give yourself.

Imagine if you could

  • Feel understood and supported with your health issues 
  • Understand what’s happening in your body and why you have such symptoms 
  • Know what you need to do to avoid them and improve your health and your life
  • Live a life full of energy and vitality, without being constrained by your health issues or low energy. 

3 types of services

On top of one-on-one consultation, you can find a range of online content according to your needs.


You can book naturopathy, reflexology or cupping therapy consultations. Online naturopathy consultations are possible. 


You can check out my online courses and workshops if you have a specific need and want to go at your own pace. 


Check out my E-books to get valuable and practical content that you can download in just a few clicks and get started. 

Working with me 1:1

For online consultations or at my practice in Lausanne, Switzerland. 



Get familiar with me, my vision and how I work by checking out my online content : 

– on Youtube and on Instagram



 Let’s discuss over your health issues, goals, and whether I can help. You can contact me by phone /Whatsapp :  +41 (0)76 509 22 61 or by email :



Once we both agree we can work together, we set an appointment and you will receive all the information you need by email. 



Take your notebook and your pen, and get ready to honor  your health and change your life.  We will work together to find the best solutions for YOU to achieve your health goals. 



Let me know of your progress and your little wins 🙂 

Remember to give yourself a break, you don’t need to be perfect, you just need to be consistent. 



CHF 140
  • Duration : approx. 1h30
  • Online consultation : payment by Card
  • On site consultation: payment by Twint or cash
CHF 90
  • Duration : approx. 1 hour
  • Online consultation : payment by Card
  • On site consultation: payment by Twint or cash
CHF 180
  • Duration : approx. 2 hours
  • On site consultation:
    Payment by Twint or cash
    (online consultations for this service are not possible)


On-site consultations only (Lausanne, Switzerland).

What is reflexology ?

It's a manual therapy inspired by traditional medicines which consists of stimulating point or reflex areas on the feet, hands or face.
All living being needs energy to exist : this energy moves through our body and different organs but it can also be blocked, which can affect our health. Reflexology helps unblock the energy and free the body from toxins.
Whether therapeutic or relaxing, it helps balance the body.

Why do a reflexology session ?


CHF 60
  • Duration : approx. 45 minutes
CHF 110
  • Duration : approx. 1 hour
CHF 180
  • Duration : 2 hours

Hijama / Cupping therapy

Cupping therapy can be used for various reasons, it helps detoxify the body, relieve from any pain or tension and improve your health generally. A few examples of when to use cupping therapy :
- back pain or neck pain
- detoxify the body
- boosting the immune system
- migraines
- stress, mental load, sleeping problems
- boosting fertility
- etc.

Cupping therapy
CHF 100
  • Duration : 60 minutes

    * Children (from 4 to 12 years old) : 80 CHF


“I appreciated the way Shabina listened to me, understood my distress about the various symptoms I was suffering from(related to PMS), and, up to that point, no solution had been provided by the medical world, which suggested to « get it together because there’s nothing we can do ». This completely improved my well-being: no more migraines, bloating, and irritability during this period that I dreaded every month.”  – F. 

“I went to see Shabina for regular headaches that were affecting my daily life. She is very gentle through her voice, her listening, and her commitment to trying to find a comprehensive solution to a problem with multiple causes. The reflexology helped. I applied her advice after the session, and I am very pleased to have found a therapist who can think on a macro level instead of a micro one, unlike all the general practitioners and specialists I had seen before. I will continue to see Shabina regularly. I highly recommend her.”  – W. 

“When I came to your practice, I immediately felt a positive energy, and it helped a lot, your voice, and your listening ability make up 30% of the work. Right from the start: your hospitality, listening ability, kindness, you are immediately empathetic, and that contributes a lot to the healing process. We can trust what you say, and it also helps me that you explain things in depth. Regarding the effect of the sessions on me: before the session, I showed you where it hurt; it was blocking when I crouched down. Immediately after the session, I was able to crouch down all the way. We have met four times since, and the effect is extraordinary compared to the beginning: my tingling sensations are much better, and I am convinced that it will go away.” – N. 


You can contact me 

My practice is located in the town center of Lausanne, next to the metro stations  Flon, Riponne and Bessières, and nearby the parkink lots of   Rôtillon, Riponne, and Saint François. 

The address is :

Centre de thérapies naturelles – Rue du Pont 22 – 1003 Lausanne 

I also do online consultations. 

Here’s a list of the main situations where reflexology couldn’t be performed, in case of doubt, please refer to your general practitioner / doctor  for authorization. 

  • epilepsy
  • phlebite
  • cancer
  • if you had surgery in the last previous 3 months

I also reserve myself the right to decline a consultation without prior authorization from your doctor. 

Some areas can be sensitive, especially if the energy is blocked. In that case I adapt the level of pressure so no worries 😉 

I speak French and English. 

Shabina Ghulam

“Prends soin de ton corps pour que ton âme ait envie d’y rester” Gandhi